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Located in sunny San Fernando Valley within Los Angeles County, Lake Balboa is an average-sized but growing neighborhood. As a highly ethnically diverse community, Lake Balboa is home to multiple cultures that blend together to provide an eclectic experience. Like the rest of San Fernando Valley, the Lake Balboa neighborhood boasts fantastic weather and gorgeous views.

Renters occupy a large portion of Lake Balboa's housing and apartment stock at about a third. They know the demand for properties in the neighborhood is constantly increasing, making effective property management in Lake Balboa essential. A reliable property management company is crucial if you own property in Lake Balboa or are looking to invest.

With over ten years of experience in property management in the Los Angeles County area, our team is well-suited to handle all your property activities. RHB Property Management offers quality property management services at a fair price to professionally take care of your rentals. Call us today at (877) 368-2482 to schedule an appointment.

Professional Residential Property Management in Lake Balboa, Los Angeles

Less than an hour outside downtown Los Angeles, Lake Balboa is a serene, quiet, and nature-filled neighborhood. Home to parks, gardens, and bike paths, the community is ideal for both families and active singles. In addition, Lake Balboa has many public and three private schools.

Lake Balboa Park is perhaps the most popular location in the neighborhood. An 80-acre recreational facility, Lake Balboa Park has it all: a bike path, children’s play area, fishing and fly fishing, private boating, and plenty of space for picnics and barbecues. The beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms constantly attract visitors to the gorgeous space and make Lake Balboa Park stand out.

Lake Balboa has several restaurants and bars, with a comedy club and arcade adding to the nightlife scene. Many grocery stores and markets promote home cooking, and Lake Balboa’s cafes are ideal for studies, work, or casual meetings. In addition, the entire community is pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your cats and dogs wherever you go.


Residential property management services


Offers residential property management services

Proper Management Services from RHB PM

At RHB Property Management, we can professionally manage any type of rental property for property owners in Lake Balboa. With your best interest in mind, we’ll work with you to maximize your profit and keep your tenants happy. Our property management services:

  • Efficient property renting and leasing

  • Collecting rent on time

  • Expert accounting

  • A straightforward online payment system that allows for mobile pay

  • Thorough tenant screening

  • Property Marketing

  • Maintenance and 24/7 customer support

  • Property inspection and contract enforcement

The RHB PM team has the drive and passion for providing quality property management in Lake Balboa, so trust us to serve you.

Professional Commercial Property Management in Lake Balboa

At RHB PM, we have experience and expertise in managing small and large commercial and residential properties. We’ll find the right business to rent out your commercial property and provide the same quality services we do for residential properties.

Whether you run a large business or are new to property investing, property management in Lake Balboa is vital for efficient operations. At RHB PM, our experience working in the Los Angeles County community gives us the skills and knowledge for the job and sets us apart from other property management companies. Our services can help maximize your investments while making your life easier.

As Lake Balboa grows in popularity, so does the demand for property. As a property owner, maximizing profit and ensuring smooth operations requires a reliable company for quality property management. RHB PM is the best solution.

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